Raspberry Pi gathering dust

My raspberrry pi has been gathering dust as i havent looked at it in a long time. I was too disillusioned by the different versions of XBMC that are available and I didnt know which one to use. Also I just really didnt have the time to do any real tests. I think I will wait and see if there is a clear winner between ElecTV, Raspbmc and XBian. Also i have recently seen an article on the official raspberry pi website about using the pi as an airplay speaker and that interests me as I have a number of old crappy speakers lying around doing nothing that could easily be used as an airplay speaker in conjunction with the pi.

Another reason I gave up was XBMC was too difficult to setup with network sharing. Due to my limited knowledge of Linux and Samba it was very hard neigh on impossible to get it to connect to my windows PCs on my home network. For me AppleTV and Airplay is a much better option and a hell of a lot easier to work with.

Although I still have my Pi only I dont know what to do with it.


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  1. Raspbmc has gone final and released 1.0
    We have a winner

  2. dm_admin

    Well, OpenElecTV seem to havea good version too, try that one

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