New versions of XBMC for Raspberry Pi

There are now two different versions available for download to setup XBMC on your Raspberry Pi. It appears the axe has been burried over the recent installer-gate problems and both Raspbmc and XBian have released new versions. Raspbmc have released (an updated) RC5 version and XBian have released version 0.8.

Here are the links you need to get your hands on these versions:

I will be trying both at some stage later on and I will post an update on the pros and cons for each one.


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  1. Have you tied OpenELEC version of XBMC for Raspberry Pi?
    Openelec bulids can be downloaded form

  2. Raspberry Pi

    I assume its the last one in the list is the most up to date “”??

  3. I havent tried the other two (XBian and OpenELEC) as I am still trying out Raspbmc RC5. I need to get another SD card!

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